Check GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B Filing Status of any GSTIN

No Username/Password is required. Only GSTIN required.
Data directly from GSTN server. 100% Accuracy.
Save more than 98% of your precious time wasted in the manual process
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What's the cause of your problem?

Manual and recurring work

It is required to be done manually. There is no guarantee that the data entered by you or your employees is 100% correct. Also, it is a recurring task which is required to be done every month.

Require lot of efforts & Time

It required lot of efforts to check GSTR3B & GSTR1 status as either you are required to login into the client account or you have to visit GST Portal to find the status of last 10 returns.

GSTR-1 underline issues

A GSTIN holder can have monthly option during a financial year and allowed to opt for quarterly in another financial year which make the work more complicated and error prone.

No proper records keeping

Generally, all the data is kept in excel or google sheet which is not so user friendly and many times the user accidentally change the content of the cells.

You need only 5 minutes to setup

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Copy/Paste all GSTIN

To add all your client/supplier in our portal, just copy paste all GSTIN and we will fetch their names, trade names, registration date etc from GSTN and save it. No need to add each GSTIN individually.

You are good to go

Just select return type, period and hit search button. Status of all GSTIN will be shown and saved in database.


Check GSTR-3B & GSTR-1

Option to check GSTR-3B & GSTR-1 from July 2017 and export the data in excel for any months.

GSTR-1 Pattern

System will auto find the pattern of GSTR-1 (monthly or quarterly) on the yearly basis so you do not have to worry about it.

Date of filing

Date of filing is also shown and saved for your future references.

100% Accurate Data

We use APIs from GSTN authorised GSPs so the data is 100% accurate. Once a return is filed it can be checked in system instantly.

Use as task manager

Rather than checking all GSTIN in one step, you can check each GSTIN and this can act as your task manager.

status will be saved

Once return status gets "Filed" we save it in our database, so you need not check it again.


Much needed tools when you have long list of suppliers. I am handing account department and it is part of my duty to check GSTR2A for the GST credit. So, I have to first check whether GST return has been filed by the suppliers and this tool solve out this manual process for me.
Praveen Kamal
Chartered Accountant (Service)
It is much better than maintaining excel file. When I see a return marked as filed, I remain confident for that return.
Mohd. Warsi
GST Consultant​
Many times my employees marked return as filed in excel whereas it is pending or marks wrong client return as filed. This tool help me to overcome the issue. Now the customer are more satisfied as I can easily track overdue GST return and save GST penalty.
Shubham Gupta
Chartered Accountant
Perfect solutions in a very reasonable price. Save lot of hours every month which is wasted in manually confirming return status.
Kunal Sharma
GST Consultant

Choose your plan

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How much this Really cost you??

It require around 1 minute to check and save the status of a month return for each GSTIN manually. So if you have around 300 GSTIN then it will take around 4-5 hours on an average to save the data for your use and this is required every month so in a year you will waste your 60 working hours to search GST return status.

The total cost of moving to RSC for 300 GSTIN is only Rs 1500 per year so if you doing it manually, the effective earning for you is Rs 25 ONLY per hour. Move to RSC and start saving your precious time.

  • 5 GSTIN
  • Validity - 1 Year
  • Pack of 50 GSTIN
  • Validity - 1 Year
  • Unlimited Checks
  • Check Status from 1st July 2017

*GST @ 18% Extra

Frequently asked questions

We use APIs from GSTN authorised GSPs. The data comes directly from GSTN server, so there is no chance of wrong data.​ Data gets updated instantly after filing, you can check for yourself.

A return will be marked as filed only when it is verified with OTP/DSC.

GSTIN credit will be consumed once a GSTIN successfully added or imported in the system.

You can buy more GSTIN credits any time. Validity will be increased by one year from your new purchase date.

You can mail us at and we will reply you within 24 hours.


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