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How to Surrender your GSTIN

Table of Contents

A new functionality has been introduced on the GST portal for the surrendering of GST Registration. If you want to cancel your GST registration, follow below steps: –

Step 1: Login into your account on GST.GOV.IN

Step 2 : Go to Services >> Registration >> Application for Cancellation of Registration

Surrender GST - 3

There will be three tabs as under

  • Basic Details
  • Cancellation Details
  • Verification

Surrender GST - 4


Step 3: Fill the address for future communication or select the option of Address same as above and then go to Cancellation Details tab.

Surrender GST - 2

Step 4: Select the reason for cancellation and date of cancellation. Below at this page is showing the date for which you have already filed a return.

Surrender GST - 1


Step 5: Go to verification tab and verify using EVC or Digital signature and your ARN will be generated.

Rohit Pithisaria

I am a Chartered Accountant based in Jaipur (Rajasthan). Started TaxAdda in 2011 as a blog and now providing various service related to GST and Income Tax to the client all over India. Also writing actively for TaxAdda blog and our e-Magazine on GST & Income Tax.

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  1. Hi,

    I applied on 2nd Oct – still it is showing as pending. I haven’t file NIL return since the business is shut down. What will happen next? Due to Corona I am not even able to visit GST office to enquire. If NIL return is mandatory even after filing application for cancel – then it would lead to huge penalty unnecessarily. What’s the process?

    • Rohit Pithisaria
      Rohit Agarwal

      It is suggested to file the NIL return until the cancellation request is pending to safe yourself from penalty if your cancellation request is cancelled by the Assessing Officer.

  2. Hi Prateek,

    I am a startup in the medical tourism industry. Of course, my annual turnover is nothing close to 20L as of now. However, on advice from my CA, we got GST registration done for our company (we are an LLP). I was told that there would be benefits. We have already paid GST for one purchase. Since startups are not required to be registered under GST until the turnover crosses 20L, what can we do now? Should we cancel the GST registration? Is there a way to correct this?
    Also, henceforth, even for my sales, I don’t have to charge GST right? If so, does the buying party have any GST implications anyway? Please help.


  3. Sadhana Sevvana

    Hi Prateek,
    Thanks for the reply. But still I have a question.
    I am an employee to an MNC. Can I register myself as a proprietor to any business?
    Can I do both?

  4. sadhana sevvana

    Hi ,

    I am working in a software company (MNC). Recently I applied and got a GST number. Now i got to know, as i am the employee of an organisation I shouldnt be having the GST. Is that correct? If yes , what should I do next?

    • Prateek Agarwal

      You are not required to register under GST to work as an employee. If you are asking that you can have GST number or not, then it’s answer is that you can have GST number, there is no restriction on having a GST number by any person. Let us know if you has any other query.

      • Sadhana Sevvana

        Hi Prateek,
        Thanks for the reply. But still I have a question.
        I am an employee to an MNC. Can I register myself as a proprietor to any business?
        Can I do both?

        • Prateek Agarwal

          Yes, you can do both. There is no rule which disallows you to do so. In fact, many of our clients do job and also do some part time business.

  5. I applied on August 30th still in process . It’s October 7 th now still not processed

    • Rohit Pithisaria

      It may take time as it has to be approved by your local Assessing officer. I suggest you to keep filing NIL returns for each month until the request for surrender is accepted.

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