TaxAdda PMS Update Log

Update Date

19 Oct 2020

1) User can filter clients on many basis like type of client (GST or Income tax), state, audit applicable – Yes or no, user allocated, GSTR-1 filing monthly or quarterly, regular scheme or composition etc.
2) Bug removal and improvements.

6 Oct 2020

1) Search in task list can be saved, so that you can use it with one click. For example, make a search for GSTR-3B tasks which are overdue on one of your user Prateek. Now you can save this search with name like GSTR-3B Overdue on Prateek. Now you can use this saved search for faster searching.
2) Export of clients enabled.
3) A bug in copy option at various places is now solved.
4) Bug removal and improvements.

18 Sep 2020

1) Snooze option is now live.
2) If we are unable to fetch GST return status from GSTN server then also task gets completed. We will check status of task when able to connect to GSTN servers. If return is not filed as per GSTN, then status will be reverted and a mail and notification will be send to user who has marked task as completed.
3) Bug removal and improvements.

5 Sep 2020

1) Overview Page now includes custom task also. 
2) Mobile design further improved.
3) Bug removal and improvements.

29 August 2020


1) Custom task is introduced for creating recurring tasks like TDS return, Professional tax returns, Company law work etc.
2) Left menu is further improved for better and fast navigation.
3) Guided tour is applied on add task page for better user onboarding.

18 August 2020

1) Time tracking is available to all users.
2) Password can be reset using OTP send to registered mobile number.
3) Many changes are made in mobile design to enable users to work on mobile, easily then before.

7 August 2020


1) Block added in dashboard to show task which are due today and in 3 days. Also shows task which are overdue, overdue for 7 days, 30 days and 90 days.
2) In task list, user can search in other task by typing name.
3) Bug removal and improvements.

29 July 2020


1) In other task, option added to add task in the list. This will enable users to add task which they use frequently and then just select task. In other task, now user can select current running month/quarter/year.

28 July 2020


1) In-app notifications for task allocated to user, change in due date, marking of task as star etc.

22 July 2020


1) In Add task page, star and users change option also started coming in Income tax task.
2) On client page, in quick task only relevant task will be shown. For example: if client is in composition scheme then GSTR-3B and GSTR-1 will not show.
3) On dashboard, if user clicks on completed and ignore tracking status then showing error. It is resolved now.
4) Other bug removal and improvements.

16 July 2020


1) SMS – Mail will go to user who has send the SMS  but delivery failed. 2) Whatsapp – Option to send bulk messages. (Using third-party extensions) 3) Status in Bulk Send – In bulk send of SMS/Whatsapp, when user selects a specific return then all status of that tasks are shown and user can filter. For example: Now user can send sms/whatsapp to only those clients for GSTR-3B June 2020 who has pending status. 4) SMS – In delivery report, now shows which user has send such sms.

7 July 2020


1) Search in commenting in task list.
2) Filter only “Not Verified” entries in receipts and payments.


24 June 2020


1) SMS & Whatsapp – Can save templates and send sms from within the system.


22 June 2020


1) User access management is introduced. Three types of user can be added – admin, manager and employee. Custom rights can be given to manager and employee.


17 June 2020


1) Debug issue in upgrade of plan.


13 June 2020


1) File No. and Tag column added in Client List.


5 June 2020


1) Functionality to Import Clients

28 May 2020


1) Option in Other task to add period.

2) Search on basis of task creation date.

23 May 2020


1) Showing income tax task in dashboard

2) Improved Searching

3) Bug removal and Small improvements

15 May 2020


1) Option to add task directly in client page.

2) Improved Searching

3) Bug removal and Small improvements

5 May 2020


1) Small bugs and design improvement.

27 Apr 2020


1) Live Demo Account launched.

2) Small bugs and design improvement.

22 Apr 2020


1) Small bugs and design improvement.

17 Apr 2020


1) Search in Top bar of GSTIN, PAN, Email, Contact No. etc.

2) Small bugs and design improvement.

15 Apr 2020


1) Launch of application.


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