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Save Time & Efforts of your whole team and manage your tax practice in an efficient manner.
Leave all hassles of Excel and Google Sheets.

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Task Management

Be In Control of Tasks

Create tasks for GST & Income Tax returns for all clients in one go. Allot tasks to team members, star important task, set due date, add comments, filter task and more.

GST Return Status

GST Return Status from GSTN Servers

See GST Return status directly from GSTN servers. A GST return task cannot be mark as completed till we confirm it’s status from GSTN servers. Enter GSTIN of client and we will fetch all details of client from GSTN server.

Team Management

Increase Team Output

Add unlimited users as admin, manager or employee. Choose each right which you want to give to each user. Every user will see only tasks alloted to him and know on which task he/she has to work.

Client Management

Staggered Data? Not Now

Keep all your client’s details in one place. Leave hassles  of  excel and maintain data smartly. Works as a CRM for chartered accountants.

Time tracking

Track Where Time is Used

You can either start and stop time for a task or you can enter time manually. Get reports for time worked by a user and also time worked for a client.


Send SMS & Whatsapp

Save templates for SMS and whatsapp and send messages on click of a button. You can send individual SMS/Whatsapp as well as in bulk.


A CA in practice is always burdened with hundreds of tasks. You can remain aware of what is running in your firm, what is coming next and what is overdue with this application.

The intuitive dashboard show all tasks pending on your firm along with their status. Change mode to View as user and then it shows only those tasks which are pending on you personally.

Manage your tax practice in an efficient manner.

Proper task allocation, marking of important tasks as start will lead to increased efficiency of your whole team.

Normally, the admin communicates all tasks personally or via skype, whatsapp etc. But it waste time and remain more dependent on human memory.

With TaxAdda PMS, you can allocate tasks easily with comments. When team members completed their part, they can allocate to your back or to another team member. Each relevant team member gets a notification at each stage.

This increased productivity for your CA firm.

TaxAdda PMS is secured with 256 bits encryption. We use highly secured Amazon Aws servers only.

Automatic backups of databases are taken daily on secured cloud servers.


TaxAdda PMS has mobile friendly design. 

You can use it on your smartphone. But we recommend to use it on computer for best performance.

You will have the complete list of pending task. All the information related to the pending task will also be available.

A user will also be able to check all tasks pending on him. Marking the task as star will let users know which are priority tasks.

TaxAdda PMS is the best CA automation tool available in market. Compare it with any other similar software such as Cordl CA practice management software, Mytask, papilio, Jamku, CA Dashboard and you will find TaxAdda PMS to be most simple and practical application.

We tries to follow the concepts specified in office management manual issued by ICAI.

You need to login in GST and Income tax portals in client’s account multiple times even if you are using GST and IT softwares. 

Copy/pasting username and password each time is a tedious task. Install our chrome or firefox extension and it will work like browsers save passwords. You will need to select client name only and username/password will be autofilled. Also any change or addition will be synced among computers of all team members.

You can check activity of each task. Which user has changed status, changed due date, add comment etc and also time of such activity. 

So, each user is accountable for the work done by him. 

TaxAdda PMS is considered the best  office management software for CA.

What Our Users Say

At first, I was in hesitation whether giving time to add clients and learning this application will be fruitful or not. Learning this application is not more than half hour work and it is saving me a lot of time and efforts every single day. Most practical application I have seen in market. Best Ca office management software for Indian CAs.
task management software for ca
CA Piyush Somani
Partner, Somani and Associates
I was using excel sheets to maintain tasks and used to think that it is best for my use. After using this application for just 1 month, I can say that excel and reminder apps are not at all suitable for managing CA firm. The support is also very fast. I have taken trial of more than 5 softwares and can say confidently that this is the best tax practice management software.
client management for chartered accountants
Sourabh Agarwal
Partner, Sourabh Agarwal & Associates

We are regularly adding new features.


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Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time. You have to pay the price of upgraded plan less credits calculated on basis of days the existing plan is used.

For example: your new plan is for Rs. 4000 and you had used your old plan of Rs. 2000 for three months. So you will get credit of Rs. 2000 *9/12 = 1500. So you have to pay Rs. 2500 and your plan will be valid for 1 year from date of updation.

The pricing is NOT per user basis. You can add unlimited users in an account without any extra charges.

Our pricing is solely depend on GST & Income Tax clients.

We provide a Free unlimited usage with clients limit. Please purchase after taking a trial. We do not offer refunds after purchase of subscriptions.

If you choose not to renew your subscription, please download all your data before expiry of your plan. You will not be able to access account after expiry of plan. If your plan has already been expired and you had not exported data then mail us at and we will activate your account for three days.

We allowed one downgrade in one year of your subscription. Mail us at for downgrade your subscription plan.

No, inactive clients are not counted as clients for pricing. You can make clients inactive which are no longer taking your services.


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