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Pre-validate Bank Account on Income Tax e-Filing Portal

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There are various ways in which you can verify your e-return, one of which is using bank account details. This option comes handy when you do not have a mobile number registered in your Aadhar card and even do not use net banking which is the most commonly used method for verifying income tax return.

Various Benefits of Pre-Validating Bank Account

  • You can use it to generate EVC code for verifying your income tax return even you do not have net banking activated on your bank account. The only requirement is to have a mobile number and email register with your bank.
  • You can use the option for resetting the password using PAN and the bank account number using OTP to the mobile number linked to the bank account.
  • Sometime Income Tax Department withheld your refund and ask you to verify your bank account by sending a cancelled cheque along with address proof before processing the high-value If you have a pre-validated bank account then you do not have to worry about sending the cancelled cheque. This also helps in faster processing of refunds.
  • You can activate a higher security option for logging into the e-Filing portal of Income Tax using PAN, password, and OTP send to your mobile number linked to the bank account.

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Step by Step Guide for Pre-Validate Bank Account

Step 1 – Login to your Income Tax Portal –

Step 2 –Select Profile Settings ->Prevalidate Your Bank Account option.

Step 3 – If you do not have any pre-validated bank account then you will get an option to add your bank account details. Enter the following bank details to pre-validate your bank account: –

  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank IFSC Code
  • Bank Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID

Note: – You are required to enter that mobile number and email address which are registered with your bank, not the mobile number and email associated with your e-Filing login.

Step 4 – Click on Prevalidate button once you enter all the required information. A confirmation message will appear on the screen.

Note: – You will be only able to validate those bank accounts which have been linked using exactly same PAN number.

Step 5 – If the details entered are correct then your account will get pre-validated instantly. To check the status of the request just navigate to Profile Settings ->Prevalidate Your Bank Account option: –

  • Validated – The bank account details are correct and validated.
  • Validated and EVC enabled – The bank account details are validated and this bank account is enabled for EVC. So when you request EVC code you will get it on the mobile number registered with the bank for this account automatically.
  • Validation Failed – PAN not linked with the bank account or the details entered are incorrect.

Note: – You can remove or add multiple bank accounts. However, only one bank account can be used at a time for generating EVC code.

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Rohit Pithisaria

I am a Chartered Accountant based in Jaipur (Rajasthan). Started TaxAdda in 2011 as a blog and now providing various service related to GST and Income Tax to the client all over India. Also writing actively for TaxAdda blog and our e-Magazine on GST & Income Tax.

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  1. Hy
    I have filed ITR for the first time for the TDS deducted during my 6 months internship.
    I forgot to mention all the bank accounts in the form.
    I mentioned the salary account which I use the most for any transaction.
    The other two accounts I don’t use much.
    So will the ITR be considered as defective?

    • Rohit Pithisaria
      Rohit Pithisaria

      No, it will not be considered as defective. It is a requirement to mention all the bank accounts which you have during that particular financial year.

  2. I have validated account but not EVC enable. It is NRO account.
    I did not receive refund as per IT intimation.

    • Rohit Pithisaria
      Rohit Pithisaria

      Prevalidated bank account is for verification of return and not related to IT refund in any manner.

  3. Sir , I put my bank details in my dad itr to claim his refund.

    Will I get the refund?

    If not is there any way to claim refund in my bank account.

    • Rohit Pithisaria

      You will get the refund. Department will give a notice to reconfirm the bank account if that bank account is mentioned in any other person ITR.

  4. I am not able to enable evc althoigh the account is validated

    • Rohit Pithisaria

      Do you have registered email and mobile number with the bank? If the account is validated, then you should receive the EVC on your registered mobile number.

  5. Sir I prevaliadated my bank with Income tax but status shown as request submitted (that bank coopearative Bank )

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